Zija Oil Testimonial

We recently received an incredible testimonial from K. Hogle of Jeffersonville, Indiana. She talks about how the Zija Oil helped her recover from a major wound. *WARNING: if you have a hard time seeing blood and wounds, you way not want too view the photo that goes along with this story.

“Hello Zija Family! I wanted to share my testimonial with all of you. The Weight Management System and the nutritional drinks are incredible, but my biggest testimony is a result of the Zija Oil, part of the GenM skin care line.

On December 8th, 2011, I tried to be a ‘Rachel Ray’ and make some fancy sweet potato fries with a kitchen slicer. I tried using the guard, but it wasn’t working very well. I opted to hold it more firmly with my hand until the potato got too close to the blades. As I was slicing, my right pointer finger slipped off the potato and went across blades that were exposed. This was undoubtedly the deepest cut I had ever experienced!

I had my husband dig out the tip and take it with us to the ER in a bag of ice. I thought they have been able to sew it back on. Unfortunately, they told me that there wasn’t enough tissue to do so.

Having faith in our GenM skin care line, I immediately started applying Zija Oil at least three times a day and continued drinking SmartMix for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Surprisingly, there was no pain or stinging when I applied it directly to the open tissue! I did fear that I would still have permanent indentation on my finger and would not be able to regain all of the feeling in the tip once all the skin layers had returned.

Nine weeks after I cut my finger, after cleaning the wound and applying Zija Oil daily, my nerves, tissue and skin layers had all completely grown back, and I’ve regained almost all feeling. Unless you look very close, it would be hard to see any signs of the injury.

Thank you Russ Bianchi and Ken Brailsford for these powerful Moringa-based products! I will always have a bottle of Zija Oil on hand!”



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24 responses to “Zija Oil Testimonial

  1. 김은숙

    very great!!!

    • Cherelle Brown

      That is an amazing testimony! Can’t wait to share this with friends and family. I believe in the healing power of this oil.

  2. Phyllis Reed

    Very impressive. I’ve yet to use this product, but I’m not surprised to hear it worked so well. Thanks for such a good product line.

  3. WE have numerous Zija stories as well, but I can never to make photos til it has started to heal. Every thing from dog bites, buried ticks and pretty bad cuts. All healed beautifully with the Zija Oil.

  4. LaVon

    Thank you for your testimony. I had a similar injury about 15 years ago. It took about a year for my finger to finally heal and for the feeling to return in my fingertip. 9 weeks is amazing!


  6. Simply wonderful…I too have experienced similar situations with the Zija products – the oil I used on a bad cut, no stitches were needed when there likely should have been a couple – on wounds my outdoor cat received – health issues within my family such as aches and pains due to old injuries (car accidents primarily) to correcting vision, digestion and hernias!

  7. Linda Deweese

    I have it the Zija Oil for numerous injuries. After a burn on my arm when reaching in the oven and hitting the top burner, I had a huge blister that I expected to have a bad scar from. Didn’t happen! I used the oil several times a day.

  8. deb

    I’m looking for someone that has a story about how good the oil is on your eye area and wondered if it helped the wrinkles. I have had excema around one eye for months and its very itchy and dry. I’m hoping this oil will help. I should have it any day now.

    • Verna

      Deb, read your instructions carefully regarding the oil & your eyes. It is recommended to use the eye serum for that area. I suspect the oil is too powerful for the sensitive eye area.

    • krdavis

      be careful not to get it in your eye… but it will help

      • Hi, I am a Zija oil lover I go througha bottle every day. I use it on all cuts, burns, tick and mosqueto bites. I use it to replinish the oils in the top of my hans and the cuticles on mu fingers. But for my eyes I purchase the eye serum. Magnificent. It feels so cool with the little roller ball I use it at night and first thing inthe moring before my make up. It has made a tremendous. With the Zija weight system and the oil and eye serum, I look at least 10 years younger and feel 30. Zija for Life. I will never be without it.

      • I meant to say I go thorugh through a bottle every month, and I use every day.

  9. Verna

    Our family absolutely loves the zija oil! We have had the “opportunity” to use it for many issues. It works extremely well on insect bites, sunburn, frost-bite, eczema, blisters, muscle aches, arthritis, dry skin, etc. The list goes on & on. My husband had surgery just before Easter (1 month ago) and has been putting the oil on the incision since the dressing was removed, and now we can hardly see any evidence of the procedure.

  10. deb

    Ok so I have eczema in my ear is it safe to put just a little inside my ear?
    This is very itchy. My dr. gave me antibiotic cream and steroid cream to mix together and put in the opening of my ear. This works but who wants to put any steroid anywhere on their body.

    • auntyverna

      Absolutely Deb! Our son had terrible eczema on his neck & arms. I applied it daily, and it was gone in less than two weeks. Go for it!

  11. mikko

    I can not understand much English. However, you can understand enough to look at the picture. zija oil is wonderful! Impressed!

  12. I just received mine yesterday, so looking forward to the many benefits.

  13. Pat NImke

    I woke up this morning with a decision as to whether to call the Dr. about
    my lip this morning, and I believe God led me to these testimonials. a week
    and a half ago I had surgery on my lip to remove a blood blister. The incision is l 1/4″ & on the 4th day the stitches started coming out. Long story short, the Dr thought it would be fine and removed the remaining stitches on the assigned day 1 week later. The next day I discovered a huge hole, so I went back to the Dr & he put surgical glue in the hole & said it would work out in about 2 wks. It was out in 2 days & my lip is gapping open. I have the Zija oil and started using it in the beginning, but stopped. Now I have made the decision to give the oil a try to rebuild my lip tissue. The Dr said that the lip tissue rebuilds really well, but the hole is just below my lip. Right now I feel very confident that Zija will do the trick. Thanks for your story, K. Hogel.
    I will be in NewAlbany in July and would love to meet with you. Can we meet
    somewhere for coffee and stories? Pat

    • Pat N.

      K, I am in Floyd’s Knobs, from San Diego. Can we meet at Toast on Main in New Albany Friday AM or Sat. AM?
      I have almost regrown the skin below my lip, and my lip is smooth. I thank you for your testimonial, that gave me the courage to do this with Zija oil.
      I would love for you to meet my sister in law who lives in the Knobs and has MS. I willbe leaving on Tues. the31st
      I am really hope we can meet.
      Pat N.

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  15. donna

    does this oil work on psorises

    • deb

      Well I have either psorises or exzema in my ear, not sure which but I know it helps the itch alot but I still have the condition, I will update you in a couple of weeks as I just started using it about 1 week ago.

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